I’m always looking for new writers to work with. If you’re a freelance writer with an interest in any of the topics my sites cover, I’d like to hear from you. Here are some useful things to know:

• Your practical experience and information are your best assets. You don’t have to be a great writer or have a lot of writing experience: My job is to add the polish.
• I prefer to work with writers who have direct, practical experience in their subject area, and who remain actively engaged in it. Most writers I work with are working in the field they write about, as employees, successful consultants or business owners.
• I like to work with writers to develop story ideas, and I trust their instincts. I rely heavily on my writers’ sense of their audience to make assignments.

If you’re interested in writing for one of my sites, drop a line to mhall@internet.com or look me up on one of these services: